AI and Screenwriting – Exploring Storytelling with GPT

This thesis investigates the intersection of storytelling and Deep Learning through an artistic research project that involves co-writing a cinematic screenplay with GPT. The study aims to explore the changes in writing and storytelling processes when collaborating with a machine.

The primary research questions are: What are the necessary conditions and dynamics of human-machine interaction for collaborative screenplay writing with a GPT-based AI?  How does this collaboration influence the storytelling process?

The scientific approach of the inquiry focuses on the feasibility of co-creation with AI in the field of storytelling to produce a satisfactory screenplay. It also examines the capabilities required by both the machine and the human collaborator to effectively co-write a screenplay. The artistic approach delves into the conditions of writing a screenplay for a film in collaboration with a GPT-based AI. By creating a writer’s room situation, it investigates the dialogue and the prompting between the human and the machine, as well as the transformations in storytelling that occur when working with a machine.

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